Checklist for September

Every new teacher faces a deluge of things that HAVE TO BE DONE, usually IMMEDIATELY. This is particularly true at the beginning of the academic year. Even though I've been teaching for 19 years this September I always return home on the first day of September dehydrated, brain overload and with an impressive to-do list! With the final … Continue reading Checklist for September

10 stretch and challenge ideas you can easily use in your classroom

The stretch and challenge classroom is about creating an ethos of ambition, aspiration and passion for learning NOT creating lots of resources and simply giving students more work. The following strategies (link for original source) are about empowering students and fostering curiosity without huge amounts of preparation and added work.  

Top Revision Tips: 10 ideas for the classroom

You've taught the lessons, marked and fed back and now it's up to your students to apply this knowledge in exam conditions. But how do we get them ready? Working with key stage 4 and 5 students I am frequently frustrated by how they think they will revise. "I'm going to read through my notes, Miss!" As teachers, we know that active revision is much more effective than passive revision; quality over quantity and awareness that there is no 'one size fits all' strategy. The following classroom activities are intended to engage our learners and train them to become more active with revision.