Top Revision Tips: 10 ideas for the classroom

You've taught the lessons, marked and fed back and now it's up to your students to apply this knowledge in exam conditions. But how do we get them ready? Working with key stage 4 and 5 students I am frequently frustrated by how they think they will revise. "I'm going to read through my notes, Miss!" As teachers, we know that active revision is much more effective than passive revision; quality over quantity and awareness that there is no 'one size fits all' strategy. The following classroom activities are intended to engage our learners and train them to become more active with revision.

AfL – 5 easy ways to assess student progress in class

What is Assessment for Learning? Assessment for learning (AfL) creates moments in the lesson for feedback which is then used to improve students’ performance. Students become more involved in the learning process and from this gain confidence in what they are expected to learn and to what standard. One way of thinking about AfL is that it … Continue reading AfL – 5 easy ways to assess student progress in class